Remembering Sunday

I don't know if some of you already familiar with this post title or not but it is on of my favorite songs from All Time Low.. They are a four members band from Baltimore. It has nothing to do with the outfit below but since I posted this on Sunday (in my country it is already mid-day) so I remember this song, you should check this band it's worth it they are good (great for me)!!

Jack Barakat, Rian Dawson, Alex Gaskarth and Zack Merrick (from left to right)
fyi Zack is my favorite member hehe


Yesterday I went to this place named The Sugarush at Braga street with my friend. Actually we were going to see a photography bazaar but it was rain all day (even when we were going home). The place has this comfort feeling, it's warm. I like the way they put a small lamp right above the table (it's good for photograph the food) and the 'fake' grass on the lounge (i didn't happen to shot this and how the place look like).

Black Crumble Waffle

Tiramisu cake

Lemon Squash

number of the table


Blake Lively why are you so lovely..(?)

several little braids and loose curls in your hair looks pretty good for school
 who doesn't know who Blake Lively is?? i mean she's a beautiful and good actress.. she has become famous because of her talent and her styles that we love so much!! she has been a part of good movies.. she dates hot guys that we always wanted to be with.. she's a friend with famous designers and also she has many gorgeous hairstyles that we (or maybe it's just me) want to try on from a simple one to a formal one that we can use on a party..

 some hairstyles above can be used on a party or prom..

 she changed her hair colour into brunette on green lantern which is still good on her..
 she also change her hair colour into strawberry blonde

i really love this simple loose braid on her
i think everyone does love braided hair like she did..

all the pictures above are taken from google.com


here i am...

finally got a chance to write a post again after 3 months break hehe :) i've been trying some haircuts in these past few months here is the photo
i know the photo in the middle is hilarious (well i mean 'bad') i don't have better photo than that haha
can you tell me which one suit me better? one of my friends said that the long hair suit me well than the other... i also have new wishlist and i hope i could buy it or find something similar...

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