Milan Fashion Week 2010

Following the New York and London Fashion Weeks, some of the biggest names of the fashion world take their collections to the runway in Milan. Occurring twice a year for the Autumn (Fall)/Winter and Spring/Summer seasons, Milan Fashion Week brings the Italian city to life with swarms of celebrities, media and fashion industry icons alike.

here is the pictures from milan fashion week

 love the bag

 love the pettern
 like the monkey :)
 killer wedges
 the models

how can this model see?

sister magazine! indonesia

I just bought sister magz yesterday and this magz quiet good they have lot of gifts which is given to their readers and i like how they put on all the fashion thing on the magazine
i like their idea for diy project and how can we pass on transition from teens to adults and some of the style is great and of course the stuff too :) this is the cover of november issue
pixie lott as the cover girl she's amazing :) when i saw this magz i thought it was taylor momsen haha
one of sister magz pages, i like the post man bag in the middle right on this page
from tomorrow i won't post anything till the test is done for a week maybe please pray for me hope i can do my best and get a good score!!


sunday night

wooaaahhh actually i can't wait to post something in this blog but i don't have anything to post maybe i will post about my uncle's wedding tonight he wore white clothes and his wife too...
well i really don't know what to say just gonna post what i wore tonight
i wore dark brown clothes with my new shoes :) from charlie walker

it feels comfy when i walk but my right shoe a little tight when i'm not walking
however i still love this shoes :) although it's not from famous brand I'll wear it every time there is a chance :)

here is some of my wish list

 michelle k gift from wondershoe

hope i can get those shoes as soon as possible :)
goodnight everyone

I'm Back !!!

woooaaahhh it's been a long time i'm not post anything to this blog hahahaha and so manuy reasons why from i don't know what to post, i'm on 12 grade and have to prepare for my test and many more by the way i'm so happy that i can start to post in this blog again :D maybe it's because michelle koesnadi's fashion blog and her amazing friends :) so from now on i'll try to post anyhting to this blog regularly....
for now i think i'm gonna post about my looklet well i'm sure that almost a girl that addicted to fashion or kind like that have looklet account. maybe i will post some of my project in my looklet hope you'll enjoy my post :)

there are some of my old looks in looklet and here is the new look

i think i love to wear the same color from head to toe hahaha.... maybe this is enough for update my blog cause i need to take a bath and go
see you guys on my next post hope i get more inspiration from all the fashion blog or something that important for our life :)


All Time Low !!

hueeeemm ni blog kaga ada yang baca satupun hahahaha yasudahlah ...
lagi suka all time low nih (padahal baru tau dari @AlexGaswat yang sebenernya sodara alex gaskarth hahaha) saya cinta break your little heart hahaha .. paling kiri Jack Barakat , Zack Merrick , Alex Gaskarth , Rian Dawson yang paliiiiiiiing gue suka adalah si Zack Merrick cakep banget ya allah hahaha hot bangetlah kalo di panggung (so iye pisan padhal nonton juga belom pernah!hahaha) sekian hal tak penting yang bisa saya sampaikan untuk saat ini boting aisyah cikutra bandung melaporkan