Farmhouse - Lembang

so there's this place named FARMHOUSE which is located at Lembang, it has become such a big hit because of its uniqueness. i went there about last week with my cousin (the girl with pink veil). the buildings has a European architecture vibe that makes you feel like you're going abroad. you have to buy ticket for 20k but it can be exchanged with milk or sausage, which takes a long queue when i was there. the place is quite big or big i can say, there are many buildings you can visit. they sell souvenirs, they have restaurant which i can say not that good because when i was in their restaurant they said that the order is closed for a moment due to abundant guests but the waiter said that it is not their worse, well there were some empty seats though but they can't handle that much people. you can rent a dress for 50k both for kids and adults (photo below), at first i thought that this person is working there and responsible for being like a foreigner but then it was rented lol. some of the buildings are still under construction and you can see there are some workers doing their work. this place is nice but i have to warn you not to come in holiday just as i do, it was so crowded you can barely find a place to sit haha well, this place is worth it, especially for family vacation :)


a big change in me...

hello again everyone in the blogging world... it's been awhile since the last time i logged on this blog, well it's not awhile since my friends are being graduated one by one but here i am writing a blog post instead of writing my final paper (you better not doing this). by the way i have an announcement, now i'm officially wearing veil!! it's been 9 months i guess, i hope this can lead me into a better person ;). photos below are taken by my bestie, Nurul Wanda, while we were strolling down the Asia-Afrika street for a photo contest but in the end i didn't enter the contest lol have a nice wednesday guys!