i hope i win

recently i joined a giveaway held by Sabrina Maida in her blog (click here). it is her first giveaway and the prize is a pair of shoes from Adorable project Indonesia (it's a good news for those who wants a new pair of shoes just like me hehe). i'll show you the picture


I choose the last shoes for this giveaway because the red is just lovely!! the giveaway will be closed on 10 January 2012.

Here are the coupon codes:
Code1:2012FirstWeek1 Save $15 for $60+
Code2:2012FirstWeek2 Save $25 for $90+
Code3:2012FirstWeek3 Save $35 for $120+
All the codes will expire on the 8th January (GMT+8). One order can have only one coupon code!
Happy New Year!


old camera ...

lately i am interested with toy camera but i don't have any so i tried to snap some photos using an old camera that my father use to take photos hehe it's written canon on the camera but i don't know about the camera's series here are some photos that i like the most :) (i know it's a blurred photo but i like it and it is accidentally blurred haha)

sorry for this annoying photo haha :D

i really like this photo i just love the colour

this is the shop where i bought the roll film for my camera :)

this is mirror rubik cube


run devil run!

just have a day off today. thanks god but it becomes nearer with the final exam!! aaarrrghh need to study hard from now on hehe

Nail polishes


these are nail polishes that i have and some that i often use are both of the pokari and revlon (i really love this one because of the brown pink-ish colour)


UNESTABLISH . . . wish list

I just joined a big giveaway Unestablish and allof us got the chance to win any favorites clothes that we want from Unestablish !!! here are my favorite pieces from their site :)

Tunic Dress Cleopatra, Skirt Boga, and Zip Up Top

3 lucky winners will be announced on 20th December and I hope i'm one of them :) wish me luck guys ... have a great weekend <3


NEW !!!

just bought this lovely leopard print tank on the dept. store hehe i love the leopard !!! raaawwwrrr... :)

p.s. sorry for the lame photos...


Hat Admirer . . .

i'm in love with hat these days. i'm craving to get one but i'm afraid it won't fit me and i don't get the hat that i want in some factory outlet i went to... feel so good to have a post because i don't have much time lately.

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