i hope i win

recently i joined a giveaway held by Sabrina Maida in her blog (click here). it is her first giveaway and the prize is a pair of shoes from Adorable project Indonesia (it's a good news for those who wants a new pair of shoes just like me hehe). i'll show you the picture


I choose the last shoes for this giveaway because the red is just lovely!! the giveaway will be closed on 10 January 2012.

Here are the coupon codes:
Code1:2012FirstWeek1 Save $15 for $60+
Code2:2012FirstWeek2 Save $25 for $90+
Code3:2012FirstWeek3 Save $35 for $120+
All the codes will expire on the 8th January (GMT+8). One order can have only one coupon code!
Happy New Year!


old camera ...

lately i am interested with toy camera but i don't have any so i tried to snap some photos using an old camera that my father use to take photos hehe it's written canon on the camera but i don't know about the camera's series here are some photos that i like the most :) (i know it's a blurred photo but i like it and it is accidentally blurred haha)

sorry for this annoying photo haha :D

i really like this photo i just love the colour

this is the shop where i bought the roll film for my camera :)

this is mirror rubik cube


run devil run!

just have a day off today. thanks god but it becomes nearer with the final exam!! aaarrrghh need to study hard from now on hehe

Nail polishes


these are nail polishes that i have and some that i often use are both of the pokari and revlon (i really love this one because of the brown pink-ish colour)


UNESTABLISH . . . wish list

I just joined a big giveaway Unestablish and allof us got the chance to win any favorites clothes that we want from Unestablish !!! here are my favorite pieces from their site :)

Tunic Dress Cleopatra, Skirt Boga, and Zip Up Top

3 lucky winners will be announced on 20th December and I hope i'm one of them :) wish me luck guys ... have a great weekend <3


NEW !!!

just bought this lovely leopard print tank on the dept. store hehe i love the leopard !!! raaawwwrrr... :)

p.s. sorry for the lame photos...


Hat Admirer . . .

i'm in love with hat these days. i'm craving to get one but i'm afraid it won't fit me and i don't get the hat that i want in some factory outlet i went to... feel so good to have a post because i don't have much time lately.

Romwe discount codes please order earlier in the Christmas busy season, Worldwide Express will be slow.
Code1:WinterClearance1         Save $15 for $60+
Code2:WinterClearance2         Save $25 for $90+
Code3:WinterClearance3         Save $35 for $120+
All the codes will expire on the 10th December (GMT+8). Each order can have only one discount code one time.


my wishlist...

this is my wishlist from romwe

Romwe Giveaway!!

Win 2x$80 gift certificates

Most of you know about Amanda Brohman from Style Gossiper (as well as a lot of other bloggers) great love for the online shop Romwe.com , well now they've teamed up together for a Halloween/autumn GIVEAWAY, where 2 lucky winners win a gift certifcate worth $80 to shop for at Romwe! Sounds awesome or what?!
Go to her blog and enter the giveaway!!

Giveaway is open worldwide and TWO lucky winners will be selected randomly on November 7th! 


Please share the GIVEAWAY with your friends and enjoy!
Save $10 off orders of $50+ End date:11/30/2011
Save $20 off orders of $100+ End date:11/30/2011
Halloween Clearance 20% Off End date:10/31/2011
All the codes can be used once only.


It's leather!!

these days i've been absorbed in leather. it was like everything i saw is leather haha and suddenly this thing popped into my head 'i should have this'. but the bad thing is i'm broke now aaahhh it's hard for me to manage my money i'm in college and i eat a lot nowadays hehe. here are some pictures from other bloggers

photos taken from lookbook


Crazy me :)

Follow my blog with Bloglovin these past few days is yeaah a bit hard since i'm a new college students and now i'm supposed to do everything on my own... homework keep coming but sometimes i just ignore them and then being stuck with the homework all night long. as an english student i should've be good at 4 skills which is i'm studying now. recount text is one of the hard things to do for me now i'm still struggling with it.

top: GAP skirt: Carla shoes: Amanda Janes bag: unbranded

A prize from Sister Magz

heeeyyyy guuyss!!!! how have you been lately? i'm good (almost great if this is not a midtest week). i've been joining on Sister Magazine indonesia quizes few days ago aaannnd fortunately i won!! the prize is a beauty package from dare to be, i've got an eyeshadow, lipgloss and foundation. i was so happy when i know i'm one of the winners :)

they organize quizes everyday on their twitter, also on their facebook


Something we sell

well me and my sister is trying to have some bussiness by selling a veil and inner, teenage clothes and also kids but for now we didn't have our own product i hope later we will :)
here are some stuff we're selling now...
Rock Star Tank price Rp. 96.000

Highwaist Floral Short price Rp. 99.000

 if you're interested to buy email me botingaisyah@yahoo.com (indonesia only)