I'm Back !!!

woooaaahhh it's been a long time i'm not post anything to this blog hahahaha and so manuy reasons why from i don't know what to post, i'm on 12 grade and have to prepare for my test and many more by the way i'm so happy that i can start to post in this blog again :D maybe it's because michelle koesnadi's fashion blog and her amazing friends :) so from now on i'll try to post anyhting to this blog regularly....
for now i think i'm gonna post about my looklet well i'm sure that almost a girl that addicted to fashion or kind like that have looklet account. maybe i will post some of my project in my looklet hope you'll enjoy my post :)

there are some of my old looks in looklet and here is the new look

i think i love to wear the same color from head to toe hahaha.... maybe this is enough for update my blog cause i need to take a bath and go
see you guys on my next post hope i get more inspiration from all the fashion blog or something that important for our life :)

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