Hat Admirer . . .

i'm in love with hat these days. i'm craving to get one but i'm afraid it won't fit me and i don't get the hat that i want in some factory outlet i went to... feel so good to have a post because i don't have much time lately.

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  1. i too love Hats but i am afraid that hats won't suit me at all..
    but i am sure it will look stunning on u...
    follow each other wonderful blogger?

  2. great hat, i want it too!

    re: hello, if you were referring to the make up on my latest Sweet Something post, i can do better by telling your now: it was only liquid eyeliner on the eyelids and that's about it. in fact almost all my posts are make-up-less (eyeliner only). haha i normally only use full make up for parties or night events. :)


  3. did u find me, i am now ur follower of ur blog,
    keep doing ur things~
    will visit again~

  4. Lovely. Thanks for sharing, visit my blog sometimes =)